My Thermage Anti-Ageing Procedure

I haven’t had thermage. It sounds great because there’s no downtime. HOWEVER to anyone looking into Fraxel or any fractional laser. Be very very careful. I was burned and scarred from this treatment when I was trying to improve acne scars on my face and found so many others on real self who had also had the same experience. šŸ™ so devastating and my skin is worse than it was before I had it done.

Was the pain worth it you think?? I have been quoted $3200 with a surgeon in Sydney.

I was wondering if you have posted an update? Also, I am trying to decide between thermage and laser toning. Any suggestions or comments?

Hi Jodi! I remember you used to have hyperpigmentation and it looks like even before this video it’s all gone! How did you treat it?

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I look forward to the updates!

Interesting description. Sounds exactly like laser. I recall looking into this 10 years ago and it was about $2000.

Thermage Facial Rejuvenation

ThermageĀ® is a non-invasive (no incision!) treatment that can tighten skin, renew facial contours, and stimulate your body to make healthier collagenā€”the building block that provides structure to your skin. The procedure uses radiofrequency technology called ThermaCoolĀ® that has been clinically proven to tighten and gently lift skin to smooth out wrinkles and renew facial contours. Fast and easy, Thermage requires no downtime from normal activities. And unlike laser treatments, Thermage can be performed on patients of all skin types. Thermage can be used not only for sagging facial, neck, and eyelid skin; but also all over the body, including flabby arms, hands, and legs. Now approved by the FDA for improving cellulite. In only one treatment, patients report smoothing of dimples on the thighs and buttocks with lasting results. Tighten and lift without surgery, injections, or downtime. The new Thermage is even better than before, and now virtually painless.

Complete Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

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So far science has not been able to find a way to halt the aging process, yet there is an assortment of cosmetic and anti-aging facial treatments that can help slow the skin aging process and offer you more vigorous, youthful, supple skin. A complete anti-aging facial treatment makes use of microdermabrasion techniques, ultrasound, and massage treatments to remove dead skin and increase cell and collagen growth and development.

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How the Ultherapy Treatment Works

The FDA-cleared device used in the Ultherapy procedure relies on the safe, time-tested energy of ultrasound to stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin ā€” including those typically addressed in a surgical facelift — without disturbing the surface of the skin.

7 Home Remedies For Anti AgingĀ Skin

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Ultherapy | Dr. Oz Speaking About Ultherapy
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Ultherapy is the latest offering in the field of cosmetic procedures that aim at reversing the signs of aging. This revolutionary procedure is performed with the use of the Ulthera System that is engineered on the same principle as an ultrasound machine but is a unique see and treat device that uses the patented DeepSEEĀ® technology to combine the benefits of ultrasound imaging and ultrasound therapy. Thus, the practitioner using this device can create a thermal coagulative effect in the soft epidermal tissue of facial with great accuracy as well as consistency and that too without invading the dermis in any way.

Dermaroller Anti Aging Skin Treatment for the Hands and Elbows

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NYC Dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine – Low Cost Anti Aging Treatments

NYC dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine comments on low cost anti aging and skin care treatments that use light therapy to provide younger looking skin. The Illumask is a clinically-proven light therapy mask used to treat your skin.

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Ultherapy: Before and After Photos, Testimonials from Patients, and a Treatment Demonstration

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Watch our video about Ultherapy to see for yourself the outstanding results for eyes, neck, forehead and brow, including firmer skin, tighter skin, a dramatic reduction in jowls, turkey neck, lines, and wrinkles.

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Nerium AD is a cutting edge anti-agin skin care lotion that provides amazing results and helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles, blemishes, discoloration and reduces enlarged pores.

NeriumAD is used by men and women and can even help adolescents struggling with acme.

Home Remedies for Aging Skin Careā€“Natural Ways to Treat Wrinkles|Aging Skinā€“Look Younger & Beautiful

Home Remedies for Aging Skin Care ā€“ Best Natural Remedies to Treat Wrinkles & Aging Skin

Aging is an inevitable part of our life cycle, along with the effects on our body. One of the most visible effects of aging is on our skin, especially on the face, with the appearance of wrinkles and the deepening laughter lines and crows feet.

So what are wrinkles? As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, and this results in the formation of creases, known as wrinkles. The fine lines around the eyes are called crows feet, and around the mouth form the laughter lines.

Some people age faster than others, especially those more exposed to a polluted environment, excessive smoking and drinking, and leading a sedentary life style.

Letā€™s look at simple things you can do on a daily basis to keep looking younger for a longer time.

Squeeze the juice of a fresh lime.
In 1 tsp of juice, mix 1 tsp of honey.
Apply this over the face.
Leave it on for half an hour, and wash off with lukewarm water.

Take a fresh coconut, and grate it coarsely.
Carefully squeeze out the milk.
Apply this over the face, leaving it on for half an hour.
Wash off the face with warm water.

Mash a small ripe banana and a two slices of ripe papaya.
Apply this thick paste over the face, washing it off after 15 minutes.

As a nightly routine, try the following.
In 1-1/2 tlbsp of rosewater, add just 3 drops of glycerine.
Mix in the juice of half a small lime.
With a cotton ball, apply this over the face.
Wash off in the morning.

Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet, always stay well hydrated, and keep looking young.

#agingskin #wrinkles #natural #remedies #homeremedy #treatment #skincare #beauty ā€“ Home Remedies for Aging Skin Care ā€“ Best Natural Remedies to Treat Wrinkles & Aging Skin ā€“ Look Younger & Beautiful

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