Dermaroller Anti Aging Skin Treatment for the Hands and Elbows

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15 thoughts on “Dermaroller Anti Aging Skin Treatment for the Hands and Elbows

  1. Dawn can you do an updated face regime you do on your face am/pm if it has changed? I am looking for a good eye cream to use daily and for after dermarolling. I have dry skin.

  2. The only place I've used a derma roller is on my lips. I am truly thrilled with more youthful, fuller lips. I always find your videos so informative. Thank you. Blessings..MaryEllen

  3. You have amazing skin dawn!!! So tight and glowy ?Do you mind me asking do you do any fillers?

  4. Hey Dawn, hope you dont mind me asking. When doing red light therapy if there's still some physical sunscreen still left on the skin (if not been washed off completely) can it block the light? Thankyou x

  5. Omg! hands on the skin!!…made my day.Literally imagining it, hahahaha

  6. Great video. Would of never thought to Derma roll hands! How many times a week do you do it? Can you do a video on the face too? Get confused on what size roller and how many times a week a should do it. Thanks

  7. Dawn, when I do my hands, the whole hand doesn't get hit with the derma roller….only where the tendons on the hand are. So it leaves my hands with stripes instead of entirely red/pink. Any remedy?

  8. Love your videos! I just ordered your derma roller! I had an old one that needed replacing..Can't wait to use it on my hands!

  9. I have been doing a 2 mm derma rolling session on my hands four times a year. I always apply a collagen and plant stem cell serum immediately after the role. I will not lie; derma rolling on the hands is excruciating. It has great results though!

  10. Hi Dawn, do you sell dermarollers with longer needles than .5? I'm using it on my stomach for stretch marks

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