My Thermage Anti-Ageing Procedure

I haven’t had thermage. It sounds great because there’s no downtime. HOWEVER to anyone looking into Fraxel or any fractional laser. Be very very careful. I was burned and scarred from this treatment when I was trying to improve acne scars on my face and found so many others on real self who had also had the same experience. 🙁 so devastating and my skin is worse than it was before I had it done.

Was the pain worth it you think?? I have been quoted $3200 with a surgeon in Sydney.

I was wondering if you have posted an update? Also, I am trying to decide between thermage and laser toning. Any suggestions or comments?

Hi Jodi! I remember you used to have hyperpigmentation and it looks like even before this video it’s all gone! How did you treat it?

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I look forward to the updates!

Interesting description. Sounds exactly like laser. I recall looking into this 10 years ago and it was about $2000.